Ipad vs Iphone

I’m finding differing behaviour between an Ipad Mini and an Iphone when running the same flight.

The iphone shows a blue circle with an arrow in it for the location of the drone. This circle follows the drone thru the flight path and is a nice visual representation of the “bird”.

The ipad shows the same blue circle with an arrow in it - however this was in a completely random location that had no bearing on where the drone was. Once the bird was flying all I had was a thin white line following the birds flight - and this was no where near as nice a representation of the bird.

The camera issues that I had experienced previously do seem to be resolved so that is a plus.

Am I game enough to use my Ipad and not my iphone on some of my longer flights ? Not at this stage.


For what it is worth I exclusively use my iPad Pro now for all flights with minimal, occasional, issues

Thanks for the feedback Dragonfly.

I use two main apps - Litchi and Drone Deploy.
I find I have to use Litchi on an android tablet and DD on my Iphone.

Have you used litchi and does it perform ok on your Ipad Pro ? I really need to get down to one device for all my flights.

I switched from android to the Ipad 4 mini cause I was sick of dealing with the issues. I am NOT a apple fan and will never be. It was only switched out for drone use only. It has been working great.