Ipad screen gong black

has anyone else had problems with ipad mini screen going black when zooming in closer to view flight plan.

Hi @dssurvey9752,

Can you share some more details about your issue?

  1. When did this begin?
  2. Does it occur with all your flight plans or select ones only? If it only occurs with a few, can you share the names of these plans?
  3. What generation iPad mini do you have and what iOS and DroneDeploy app versions do you have installed?
  4. Does it occur on other supported mobile devices?

We’ll start with these.

Hi Christina

have been getting the black screen since we got the ipad mini 4 which come with the drone.
it does go black on a couple of other work colleagues iphone 6’s.
it doesn’t go black on my samsung 6 phone.
IOS version is 11.2.1.

drone deploy version 2.62.0

thanks for your help.

Hm, since this issue doesn’t occur on other supported devices, it’s likely that the issue is with your iPad Mini 4.

Have you tried clearing the cache on your apps recently and restarting your iPad?

Updating iOS system or app may solve the iPad black screen problem.

Is it going black, or are you just not seeing the background imagery under the flight plan?