Ipad mini 5 can't display camera image

For terrain awareness I bought a iPad mini5 /256G
But When DD started to perform the task, I could not see his image, but when I switched to djigo4, I could see the image of his normal execution, but if I switched back to dronedeploy, there was still no image. Is there any solution to the problem ?

If I use a Huawei android tablet everything is OK , of course there is no Terrain awareness function。

Ipadmini5 iOS ver 13.3.1
Djigo4 ver 4.3.32
DroneDeploy ver 4.2.1

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Thanks for reporting this. @Andrew_Fraser, has this been identified? I had a similar issue I reported where the PiP worked, but when I tried to expand it it just stayed on the map.

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