iPad mini 4 won’t log in

Has anyone else had issues with not being able to log in with an iPad mini 4? I enter user and password an nothing happens when I hit log in.

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I had the same issue a couple of months ago with an IPad Pro 20. Drone was already up using Go4 and when I switched to DD, I couldn’t log in. Held my breath and restarted the iPad and fortunately it fixed the problem.

I wish it wouldn’t log you out without warning. Fortunately I had a data connection, but if I hadn’t I would have been buggered.

It normally only logs you out if there’s an app update and on iOS unfortunately there’s no way to save the credentials.

And that’s the strange thing. All of my other apps running on iOS seem to remember who I am after an update. I’ve never had to reinsert my email details or WhatsApp, Netflix, ACAD etc. etc. Not once, so it’s not a blanket iOS inability to remember credentials. It’s the app.

Although, that said, I haven’t updated for a while (too scared too), but I was recently asked to log in again.

It would be nice to know in advance when the app is going to need us to insert the details again. Not surprise us out in the field, when we may or may not have network. Just something else for us to have to remember in advance I guess.

In Kevin’s case, it’s not clear why he can’t log in. Whether he suffered a glitch like I did or he doesn’t have network. Or something else.

I agree and DroneDeploy does the same thing on my Pixel. I also have auto-update problems on iOS.

That is strange, never experienced it myself. Has it been happening or did it start with a more recent update?

@Kevinfalk, are you getting a blue screen or is it just not accepting credentials?

I’m still on 4.4.2, as I remain too afraid to update. Although not perfect, at least I know where I stand with what I have.

Despite having updated last in May, I know for a fact I was asked to log in during August. No update, no previous prompt. Just luck I had network.

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Not sure if the OP’s issue is a log-in. but…

In v. 3 on ios, the DD app does indeed require re-logging in, so I’m not surprised that v.4 does as well. I have not updated for over a year and it still requires repeat logins. Not every time, but plenty. It is definitely DD that is requiring this. Litchi NEVER requires a re-login on the same devices. And neither does Map Pilot.

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I had this issue last week, It wouldn’t let me log in. I had to update which ruined the stable version i found.

Wouldn’t accept the username/password? Or you got the blue screen?

I found if I deleted the app and reinstalled, everything works fine.