iPad DD Flight App, drone won’t start up

DD Flight app works great on an iPhone

I cannot get it to work on the iPad app—it connects but won’t launch. I click on Start or whatever it says in the lower left, and that button is now grayed out and the drone just sits there. I was using the Skydio2 supplied USB-C cable to the Parrot controller.

Does anyone use the iPad app successfully with Skydio2 or any other drone?


I use an iPad Pro, iPad Mini, and iPhone, all with a Skydio 2 and a Mavic Air 2. DroneDeploy works on all permutations. I don’t have suggestions other than make sure the app on the Apple products are current.

That said, I do see some connection issues from time to time. Do the usual shutdown and restart everything.

PS. I don’t know what a parrot controller is. I just have the standard one.

Dave P

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