Ipad air 2?

Hey all. I’m an android and PC kinda guy, and an IT professional for 31 years. I’ve literally never used an apple product before, nor researched them in any way.

But now I’m using DD with my Note 5 and my Nvidia Shield K1, and…yeah…connecting is an issue 80% of the time, and pano / video map features aren’t available on Android. So now I’m looking at ipads.

I was just loaned a freshly wiped ipad air 2 (model A1566) running ios 15.1, and an ipad mini 4 with ios 15.1. I see that neither are on the “approved” DD list.

Can anybody tell me your thoughts about using either or both of these with DD today, with the latest version of the DD app and a mavic pro 1?



The Air 2 is a no-go but as long as you aren’t doing really big maps (50+ acres) the iPad Mini 4 should get you going. The upgrade to a Mini 5 is a noticeable jump though.

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Thanks @MichaelL; that’s good to know! I may be able to borrow an ipad 7, from 2019, (model a2200) next week, so I won’t waste my time on the air 2. Also, good to know about the mini4; I did get DD setup on it and tested it with props off on my kitchen table, and it seemed to work just fine.

I’ll get back to the commercial drone forum next week and get caught up; it’s been a crazy month and some cool things have happened, because of your help and others’, and I want to thank you guys (again) and give a little update. :slight_smile: