Ipad 9.7 vs 10.5 for Live Map


Hello @JamesC Thanks for reaching out.

For Live Map, you are not required to have data to use the feature. However, you will get best results with data due to the fact that it syncs to your mobile device after it has completed, using your data. The bandwidth is not much, about 8MB. If absolutely necessary, you can fly the Live Map offline but it will affect the quality of your experience.

As far as card readers, I would recommend a powered hub that can connect to your iPad.



Hi Yusuf. Thanks for your help.

Maybe it’s only since I’ve been using iOS, but it’s very apparent to me now that using DD is using a heap of bandwidth, whether be caused by adding Live Maps or not.

I’ve now successfully flown 5 maps using IOS and Live Map and this is the usage. It wasn’t a big deal that it had used so much. Just a shock to me as I wasn’t expecting it. Outlook was the next highest with 19.2Mb and Go4 15.2Mb after that. DD used 322Mb. I actually noticed it was at 220Mb odd after the first two missions.

In terms of the powered card reader, I’m out in the field. Is there a way of reading the sd cards on the iPad without a powered reader?

Thanks again.


I use this SD card reader on my 10.5 ipad, and it works just fine:


Best microsd adapter I’ve used.

Lexar microSD To Lightning Reader - LRWMLBNL https://www.amazon.com/dp/B012PKYVT8/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_i_G8u.AbC67KNFE


This looks to be just what I need. I’ve since bought Apple’s official USB adapter which with the assistance of an external battery source am able transfer photos and videos from my USB flash drives and card readers. Thumbs up and does exactly what it was bought for.

However, it doesn’t allow me to transfer files from the iPad back to the sd card. Having looked at the Lexar device you suggested Michael, it appears to do just that but there are mixed reports as to whether or not Apple have left the door open for users to bypass their Money-making cloud with their recent updates.

@MichaelL, are you still able to transfer from the iPad back to the sd card?

Cheers, J.


Mine still works. Used it today after updating to 11.3.1 yesterday.


I use the 10.5’’ and my friend uses the 9.7’’, both of the two iPad generations can handle that without problem.