iOS v1.4.4 Total app failure

Had very successful missions with iOS v1.4.3 and my Inspire 1 running latest DJI Release firmware. Updated to v1.4.4 and tried to fly a mission yesterday.

Plotted mission on map. Having problem caching maps on iOS for work out of internet service areas. App cycled through checklist with no errors. Launched mission and Inspire 1 took off. But camera never oriented downward. Then app crashed. Inspire continued mission but would take no photos. Was monitoring with 2nd remote and DJIGo app on second remote as I usually do.

I closed DroneDeploy and restarted but it would not sync with aircraft. So I cancelled the mission returning to “P” mode and brought the Inspire back for landing.

Tried again, but then I had a repetitive error warning of low altitude that I could not clear off the screen. Couldn’t even change mission altitude in the settings because the error warning screen would not close. Rebooted the app many times to no avail. Restarted the Inspire 1 also and turned off the 2nd remote to minimize potential cause from that.

No success.

I had a similar experience with 1.4.4. I was hooked up to 3G on my iPad, created and launched the mission successfully. About 3 minutes into it, I suspect I fell off 3G to 1X and about the same time the app crashed. I rebooted the app, but it would not reconnect to the mission. Mission was completed successfully with good images, P3 all on its own.