iOS login issues

So I have two different iPads ( fairly current models ) and an iPhone 12 Max Pro. The two iPads upon opening the app, say that the app can not connect to the server at the current time, reload or hit refresh,…. I updated, deleted and reinstalled to no avail. I proceeded to see if the app would work on my phone, and the app instantly crashes upon start.

How do i resolve this issue?? I haven’t used the app in a couple of months, so I’m not sure when this issue occurred.


8th Gen Ipad - IOS 14.6 : 128GB

4th Gen iPad Air - IOS 14.6 : 256GB

iPhone 12 Max Pro - IOS 14.6 : 256GB

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All of these have mobile data? I have seen the same message a couple of times with an iPad Mini and an 8th Gen running of a hotspot.

They are we’re on data,… what I found was they all had same password but somehow the case ( lower vs upper ) changed…. My account on iMac worked fine, changed case on apps, then they all worked,… same password, but not the one stored…. Strange