iOS, Inspire, X3: "New Mission" - Battery indicator

1st mission: With a fresh batt (100%) battery indicator flashes between 100% and the current (correct) batt level.

2nd mission: With a fresh batt (100%) the batt indicator showed 98% during entire 7 minute mission.

3rd mission: With a fresh batt (100%) the batt indicator behaved normally during a short 5 minute mission. At the end of the mission the batt indicator displayed the correct discharge value.

All missions were flown within a 3 hour period of time.

I did not notice that there was a battery life indicator on the screen as the mission is flown, I have the Phantom 3 Advanced. It is something I definitely believe is needed on larger missions. How do I get that to appear, or is that only checking on DJI Go App after mission completion?


On the DD app using an Inspire, the batt indicator is located in the lower left corner…

…If it’s not there on your DD app, I wouldn’t know how to get it to appear. Hopefully, Chase can answer and resolve. As you can see, it doesn’t seem to be functioning as desired. The screenshot shows a batt symbol, but half the charge value is blanked out. And then, there are other issues I listed in a previous post.

I’m confused by the screenshot. It is half full because it is showing that there is 50% battery remaining. We are looking into the other issues you mentioned.

I think he means that as battery depletes the more white you get, but the as text is also white you won’t be able to tell what the percentage is when you have say 30% left, you only see the first digit.

It should move to the right right as it reaches about 45% and turn to black text. Might need to adjust when his happens so it’s less noticeable.