iOS Beta. Screen icon does not follow drone

First flight iOS Beta, Phantom 3Pro. ipad Air.
Preflight check and takeoff perfect. First legs of route perfect, after 3 or 4 legs the icon in the screen just stayed there but the drone kept flying the mission. I just let it go, it completed the mission and came back home.
Once over home the notice where it says “N photos taken” kept coming back after hiting OK, indefinitely.
Everything else OK, happy to finally have the iOS Beta.

Update: once the mission ended, the app told me “98 pictures taken” but there were 306 when I connected the SD card to upload to dronedeploy.

We are doing some tests to see if this is related to a momentary disconnection from the drone. Hopefully have a fix in soon.

I have been doing some flights with the iOS app. Some have been flawless but lately some problems have come back.
-No battery indicator during flight.
-First four legs of the flight go well, then the cursor stops following the drone, the flight went OK and kept with the plan, but the cursor froze in one spot.
-For “continue mission”, i couldn’t make it work, I swapped the batteries, clicked “continue mission” and the app told me “starting mission” but nothing happened. Tried several times, restarted everything, etc. but didn’t work. I had to do the map at a higher altitude so the battery would last to complete the mission in just one flight.
-I think the camera is supposed to not face downward while landing? Mine is, I think it is better for it to point up so to prevent damage to the lens.

Forgot to mention that later, every time I clicked “continue mission” the app just crashed, several times. Had to start a new mission to do the map.

Hi @vallejof,
Sorry you have been having trouble. We have fixed a few of these issues with the latest release. The slow uploads should be better by next week at the latest because we’ve done some huge improvements on that. The locking of the drone icon is also going to be fixed ASAP.

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Have been doing some missions this week. The icon is following the drone every time now. The photos upload time is WAY BETTER now, good work with this, it now takes 1 hour where before it would take 12 hours! Thanks for the improvements!