iOS battery drainage

I’ve flown two short test flights today - 4 minutes each one - and DD depleted 80% of the phone battery. The phone got a tad warm during use.

Is there any way to shut off the live video streaming coming from the drone in order to preserve the phone battery ?

My phone is an iPhone 5S with the latest iOS version and it’s only used to fly the drone.

Thank you,


Hi there,

Sorry to hear this. Do you have the most recent version of the app installed? Is anything else running in the background while you’re flying the missions (I find this happens if I have 20 or so other apps still open on my phone)?

I have the most recent versions of the DD app, DJI Go App and the iOS for the phone. Drone Deploy was running on the foreground and DJI Go was on the background. Other than these no other applications were running.

EDIT: seems that DJI Go is the culprit since it uses the phone GPS all the time, even on the background. Will do a flight later today - if weather allows me to since it’s raining cats and dogs in here - and report back on that.



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