IOS 3.2.1 on iPad Air2... Misleading notifications

Got the “lost GPS” pop-up and verbal when clicking out of P mode. The drone behaved as expected but the notification is incorrect and misleading.

@Adam_Carp I dont process with DD so no map associated. Though I don’t know what a processed map would have to do with incorrect notifications in the app before there is a map. But whatever.

ios v.12.x
DD v. 3.20 - 3.21

I see there is a version released March 1st. Maybe it has been fixed.

Scared the crap out of me when I got the same notification 3 weeks ago. Again, no particular map but has happened every time since when I click out of P mode.

Very possible to temporarily lose GPS and regain it.

Although the RC seems to suggest otherwise. The signal strength remains the same the whole way through and the drone doesn’t wave about in the breeze until I re-enter Go4. GPS is fixed and rock solid.

The only thing that could cause this that should is flipping to A mode accidentally. I can verify that it also happens switching to S because I realized it before last time.

Adam, it’s certainly “possible” that the exact instant I switch to sport mode the craft looses GPS reception on several different missions on different days. But I doubt it.

The notification is partially correct. It says that the operator needs to take control which is true. I think the engineers just have the message wrong for this case.

Could you ask your engineering team what notification should be displayed when the user terminates the automated flight before reaching the last waypoint?


Have you experienced the same thing from manual RTH?

Not for me and I always Manual RTH, sometimes 3 or 4 times for battery changes between waypoints. I only get the message when switching to sport mode.

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Hi guys! I just wanted to reach out to let you know the flight engineering team is on this and investigating. Thanks for the reports.

Great news! This issue was already identified by one of our test engineers, but your outreach has helped us to prioritize it. The messaging improvement is being slotted for a fix in the near future. The functionality has been stable, but we will remove this bad notification. Ya’ll rock!


Thanks Adam, @Dave @SergeKouper @JamesC.

^ What he said. :). Thank you.

Thanks for following through with this, Adam. Group fist bump!

Since this is still an issue, even in a slightly different format and this is the first major post associated I am bringing DroneDeploy back in. @Adam_Carp @Erika_Houseman @Kaitlin_Blando @Lindsey_Huffman

We are still getting odd pilot required/GPS lost messages when getting out of P-mode. Similar is now also occurring when pausing missions on the new interface. It needs to be restated or portrayed in a less threatening more relevant way if it is to stay. It could conflict with actual GPS-loss notifications that should be present.



It is obvious the engineer took a shortcut and is triggering what they think is an appropriate generic warning when control is taken away from the app. When in fact it is an inappropriate warning for the circumstance which could lead to unnecessary evasive maneuvers.
Little engineering bugs happen and that’s to be expected. However, it is really not acceptable for bugs that would probably take an hour to be fixed languishing for months and months. This just sends the message of uncaring. (My opionion)
For example, I know for certain that the Litchi team would have stomped on it as soon as it was identified.

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Is anyone still looking at this from DD? I have been getting this very frequently in the past couple of months- to the point of DD being almost unusable. This morning 1 of 2 flights worked. Last week I tried to fly a simple mission and it only worked on the last out of 5 attempts.

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For direct status update please email The only updates you will get here are the fixes and post-testing.

Hey @Adam_Carp, Do you have any updates?