IOS 14.2 Issues

My iPad just installed IOS 14.2 and now I am no end of issues.

Has anyone else had issues like this?

  1. App does not load. Will have to be restarted over and over again.

  2. Upload to the drone fails, but drone takes off.

  3. App loses connects and has to be reset.

  4. App does not keep place after battery change.

  5. If you leave the app to set camera settings 50% chance the app will work when returning.

Before this update The app was dam near bulletproof. Now there is a tone of issues that appear. But at this point i cant complete a job because of all the issues that cropped up.

My Setup
iPad 7th Gen
Model: MW6W2VC/A
Drone Deploy Version: Mobile-4.25.0
Drone: Skydio 2 App version: 10.0.0 (8)
Drone OS: 7.0.23

This is odd, as whilst I am still playing it safe on V4.2, my Pro 11 20 is running OS 14.2 and I’m not having any problems.

First thing is that we need some good detail on your setup. Without that there is no good place to start looking. What version of iPad, what version of DroneDeploy and what drone? This would be very helpful.

The consistency of the app loading has been somewhat of an issue off and on since version 4.x.x and the main culprit has been internet connectivity. Does you device have service and did you have a good signal? That said I have had any issues since v4.13, but I also learned to start loading DD immediately when I hit a project before I do anything else because not only does it have its boot protocols, but it has to geolocate you and organize all your flights according to proximity.

I’ve never seen this one.

Not mine.

When you say “doesn’t keep place”, what exactly do you mean? If it’s what I think it is then I reported this bug a couple of version ago where we lost the precision point return from battery swaps and I had to go back to the old way of manually RTH’ing right out of a turn at an efficient point.

As in closing it and opening another app or just fast switching on the device without closing it?

Ok Full Details here.

My Setup
iPad 7th Gen
Model: MW6W2VC/A
Drone Deploy Version: Mobile-4.25.0
Drone: Skydio 2 App version: 10.0.0 (8)
Drone OS: 7.0.23

  1. App Does not load.
    I make sure everything is loaded before I head out. Test Load the app and make sure my maps are loaded. This test now takes forever. I have full internet connection through7 wifi and cell. The longest I have left the app was 3 mins and it just looks like its looping saying starting over and over again. at around the 5 min mark it finally loaded
  2. This happens almost every time. Same error msg each time The Drone will launch and hover. A message saying the drone will return sometimes, The the drone will do the mission (if it does the mission DD does not know its doing it), Sit and hover or return and land. I have not been able to see a pattern yet.
  3. If the Drone leaves reception DD does not always pick it back up.
  4. If the drone finish the first part of a mission and returns when it goes off line the app just cant deal with it. To many issues under this one I will take better notes. But the app needs to be turned off or left before it sees the drone again. This was never the case.
  5. Yes this is quick switching. I would normally start a missing and then go adjust the camera settings and the close out of the Skydio app and return the DD that was still running without issue, Today I almost lost my drone because it simply stopped about 60 m up and out of range. Thank God I have the beacon and was able to fly it back manually.

If you need any more deals let me know.

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Awesome, thanks for the detail. I’ll tell you right off the bat you need to work directly with support because there’s not very many people that are using the Skydio to map yet.

  1. The loading of the dashboard and the new UI has been the most persistent problem for the last year. They figure a little something out and then it seems to take a step backwards. just because you test mode something off of Wi-Fi doesn’t mean that it’s truly on the device or is going to be readily available in the field and just because there is a seemingly good cell connection doesn’t mean that it is low latency and the commands are going to respond properly.

I’m pretty sure everything else with the exception of the lack of precision point return is going to be more of a Skydio issue as we have not heard anything from any of the DJI pilots. @Andrew_Fraser @Jamespipe @Sam_De_Long

Only one I ever have issues with my Skydio is that the drone takes off and it says upload failed. But if you just push the takeoff button again 99% of the time your good to go.

On that same token my IPad Air 2 can no longer handle drone deploy it seems. I’m going to upgrade to the newest iPad Air.

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When I am in the field or even at home, the DD app takes forever if it even opens up at all. I have blazing fast wifi at home. I use my cell to give me a hotspot. Sometimes it opens up, lately it just spins and spins.
I recently updated it in order to pull the logs off the ipad.
That seems to be when it got much worse. HOwever, prior to that is was pretty challenging to open up.

Even at home it will not open like it should.
I have uninstalled it and reinstalled it.
Still the problem persists.

Here is the info on my pad.
iPad 5th generation
Model MP2F2LL/A
Software Version 14.2

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