iOS 10-11x device charging errors (unsupported accessories)

For Apple and iOS aficionados (of which I have been one for over 10 years exclusively), it breaks my heart with the latest Apple products move. After the upgrade to iOS 11.xx no chargers, including my MacBook Pro would charge my iPhone 6s Plus. This was a major hit to my drone work not being able to charge either my iPad or iPhone unless I was 100% Apple, I checked that by the way, and it fails as well on occasion. I even tried a self contained power block connected to the phone via an Apple cable with no success. Same errors, won’t work with this accessories.

I can’t state for certain the number of apps used within the Drone Deploy App Market that are iOS only, but I know there are key apps that are. Many apps simply do not support Android for whatever reason today. I think with this abuse by Apple of simply closing out any competition to their accessory market unless vendors pay premiums to be part of their partner program, you are going to see others, besides myself questioning their loyalty, or simply leaving and needing Droid apps for DroneDeploy and Apps.

I was flying real estate jobs today, and what does NOT work on iOS devices is simple (excluding 4x priced apple/certified accessories):

In car in dash USB charger
In car lighter converter for USB
In car USB to Power Pack to iOS device
Power pack to iOS device directly

I have a 2009 Mazda CX9 from which until iOS 11 everything has connected and charged. Now ZIP. I’m open to any suggestions another iOS user has as to this latest Apple profit making scheme.

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Say what? I just bought a ipad 9.7 pro. So I need special Apple adapters to charge it in my car now? so your saying that if I take the apple USB cable and plug it into my standard USB 12 volt adapter it wont charge? Is this because of the IOS 11 or something else? I haven’t tried it yet

I can’t vouch for every device, but yes, I can only speak for mine and the research I’ve done when it first started happening about a week ago. Google will clearly show this was intentional on Apple’s part, and they don’t give a crap about the millions of us that don’t want to pay for $25 cables when there are $10 cables. What killed me today was the power block. I work with DroneBase as well and that’s my selection and directions method for my next job for them. So figure 20 jobs in a day, you can’t charge your iPhone (with what you currently have), you’re phone will never last. You can probably go to the Apple Store, or search for there approved vendors and you’ll be OK. I don’t see an attachment option here or I would attach photo/scrape of my MacBook Pro with the same error WITH and apple cable connected to my iPhone. This is well documented through Google.

It doesn’t sound very specific, but rather very generalized and planned by Apple to force vendor selection that they get vendor fees from.

FWIW I have three iPhones, two iPads, four MacBook Pros, maybe two dozen cables from various vendors including Apple, I have one that works in car in a lighter - USB adapter.

I also have two KingWing USB Hubs with IQ intelligent charger ports which fail immediately when I plug my iPhone 6S Plus into them.

I was looking at my next Mac, perhaps a Server, and my phone lease has run out a couple of months ago. This along with the latest/last round of incompatibility problems (removing phone jack, no backward compatibility (which is what made them so great)) and now this.

If, the apps appear under DroneBase that are Android Compatible to put it simply, I’m out-a-here.

Now for the record, If you have a question about the security of Android Devices, so do I. I’ve been in IT and Cyber Security for 25+ years and hold five security certifications. In most cases behaviour/configuration, not the device/OS is the problem.

Wow, that was a ramble and a half, really sorry but tried to be accurate and informative. Glad to answer any questions on any of my babbling… Cheers Ya All

For the record, I have two iPads, one iPhone 7 and one iPhone X, (all IOS11.xx)
No problem with auto charging.

Sorry if I should not have post it here as am new and have no idea to raise my issue freshly. My iPhone 7 Plus is casuing issues a lot while tutuapp playing high end games for more than 10-12mins. Everytime after that time period it is crashing without displaying any error notification/popup. Any idea what to do?

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Rohan Daga

Running 6th Gen iPad on iOS 12 with no issues. Just upgraded to 12 and ran 11.x for at least 6 months before that without any issues.

Thanks for the information.

For your iPhone and iPad charging issues, you can try updating the iOS system to fix it. But this method needs your device to have enough power. Besides, if it is caused by iOS system glitches, you can repair the iOS system through professional iOS system recovery programs, for instance, TunesKit iOS System Recovery, to achieve that. If you do not want to solve the problem by yourself, sending them to the Apple Store is recommended.