Internet Explorer 11 (IE11)

I just started to use DroneDeploy and found difficulties using Internet Explorer 11. Processed maps do not show and the flightbox in combination with the map is reacting strange. I switched to Google Chrome and everything is working normal.

Hi @A_Different_View, please know that we are aware of this issue. Full functionality for DroneDeploy is best on Google Chrome and Firefox browsers. Safari should be okay. Internet Explorer is the most temperamental.

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I’m having a lot of issues with Chrome as of late. Sometime when I try to zoom in, it does not render properly or the dashboard will flash in and out. This seems to be somewhat recent too…never had those issue before…

sorry to hear that, @Mattbaldy. Could you try clearing your browser cache and letting us know if that helps at all?

I tried that and still having issues. For example, if I zoom in, while it is rendering it, it seems to ‘wave’. Then once it is done, the dashboard still pops in and out. If I click where a button should be, then it is ‘there’ even if I can’t see it. I have tried this on a Mac and PC, same issue with Chrome…