Interface to FAA - L.A.A.N.C system to report flight plans

The FAA has created a L.A.A.N.C (Low Altitude Authorization Notifications Capability) to automate the approvals that drone operators need to fly in controlled airspace and to track small unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) that are already in flight.

Under LAANC, the FAA has developed maps with pre-approved flight zones and maximum altitudes for operating drones near airports and automates the granting of waivers and permits to commercial drone operators seeking to fly in controlled airspace.

As flight plans are created in either the web interface or in the app, have either DD or a APP report the flight plan to the FAA.

Gee more oversight. How long with this bloviate for? Seems like everyone wants oversight and implementation into software but no ones software esp cloud software works without issues IE gentleman with big problems doing volumetrics. Costs involved here are high and payback has started to show its ugly head ( can’t do business doing things over and over again till its right for customer) as not worth the it and go route of processing all on office system.