Interactive Shareable Ortho-Maps

Would like the ability to share a map with a client and allow them to make their own measurements for area, distance, volume, etc. without having to sign in to a drone deploy account. Would like to share a unique private link with them for them to access the map and do this.

Hey Sean,

This is a popular request from our service provider community and one that we are taking seriously. Thanks for adding your requirements.

Quick question, without signing in, would you expect the annotations and measurements to be saved?


Thanks. Regarding your question: Yes, I would expect the annotations and measurements to be saved. I’d suggest it work as follows:

  1. Drone service provider such as myself shares a private link with a client (could be multiple individuals/email addresses)

  2. Client lands on the page and a shadowbox appears over the map stating to make measurements and leave annotations they must enter/provide their first name, last name, and email address. Also have a checkbox for the client to opt-in to getting updates if/when someone adds something to the map. Drop a cookie on their device/PC to remember these details for their subsequent visits from that device. IP address is probably a bad method for attributing users being there could be multiple employees visiting the map from the same IP address at the same office location. Perhaps require them to register quickly for a free account if cookie / IP solution isn’t ideal but enable them to make annotations and measurements with a free account that has access permissions to the map / has the private shared link.

  3. Client then can interact with map and make measurements and add annotations. If client opted in to get updates when someone adds something to the map, they get emails whenever that occurs that link them to the map.

Sounds great - thanks Sean. I’ll roll your feedback into our process.