Integration with accounting/invoicing software

Could generate invoices for clients of drone service providers based on:

  • of images

  • of acres

  • flight log info
  • date/time stamp

may be a slight alteration, where instead of for accounting you could just track your personal stats…

Ah, like # of flights flown, acreage, etc. Good idea.

whilst sage is good… Im sure Xero would be easy to building an API into for connected services

I would not want the number of images, flight log info, and time stamps on a client invoice.

I may shoot 50 obliques, cull it down to 20 for editing and delivery. I don’t want them asking for the 30 I didn’t like. LOL

Flight logs? Why? So they can argue it only took 17 minutes of flight time?

Mmm, good points all. This has yet to be built but if there are specifics in what you would want as far as info from flight logs (or not), and which software to integrate with, that would be helpful if left here.

My reference as not for the clients, but for your own private information. Clients pay for end product, not methodology and technique, so I 100% agree with you :slight_smile: