Inspire load and flight issues

New to the forums so bare with me.

On the job giving a demo to local growers. Inspire 1 X3. Dual remotes/ iPads- slave to only view camera, I was PIC with master.

There were probably 20 people including our crew standing near each other. Connected IPad to Verizon hotspot with 4 bars of signal. Power on unit, rc, and DD. Map never loaded. Power down everything, kill DD app and try again. Nothing. Change to ATT hotspot, also nothing. Walk about 100yds up the field road with unit and master and it loads great. Map out about 20 acres of early corn on pivot. All systems clear, map loads and it takes off. Observer’s iPad never loaded . He walks towards me and slowly gains connection. Problem with crowds interfering with connection? Multiple phones and hotspots around us, although iPads don’t roam for signal.

Further from the crowd we took off and it made it to the 2nd waypoint before I lost connection. App froze but it flew the whole flight, I manually took over at about 100ft and landed.
Have experienced the same issue with just one controller in case that is a concern.

Also similar experience with Inspire 1 pro w/X5 single remote.

Hope this is addressed before my XT comes in :slight_smile:

Hi @Patton3, did you try our latest app that we released today?

Hi @Patton3 Sorry to hear you were having this issue. Would you be able to send us some screenshots of what’s happening? Ideally with only the one remote connected. I’ve definitely seen some bad interference when two drones are in the air at the same time, and both are on the ‘Auto’ channel selection setting.