Inspire 2 X7 50mm

Hi all. I have a couple of roof surveys planned using the X7 and 50mm lens to get good detail. I have planned the flights for a rooftop of 30ft with a flight height of 90ft. The flight plan says it will capture approx 600 images, however when running the flight it is capturing nowhere near that.

Am I doing something wrong, is it that the aircaft cannot fly slow enough (I set 4mph) to capture the required images using this lens setup or am I trying to fly too close to the roof structure in order to capture as much detail as possible?

Thanks so much

There has been an interesting development lately where there is now an option to pick the drone that is being planned for in the bottom of the navigation pane for Advanced Settings. It is hidden and defaults to a Mavic 2 Pro…

Have you verified that you actually got the overlaps you expected? A 50mm lens is not very well suited for mapping as it only has a 32-degree FOV. This means that you either need to fly higher than or much slower than most other drones in order to capture the correct overlaps.

When you fly very low your maps will be very subject to warping without some sort of control points. As an example the Phantom 4 Pro has an 84-degree FOV which at the same elevation capture about 4x the area and thus creating many more tie points.

Hi Michael and thanks for the reply. I did find that setting tbh that’s what provided the high image count of 600 when set with the 50mm. I do actually have the 24mm lens for this camera - do you think that would provide a better map of the roof?

My thinking was the 50mm would provide closer/higher detail of any problems found.

Thanks again


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