Inspire 2 Compatibility with software!

Hi there I’m based in the UK and am investigating the AG mapping seen as it is fairly new over here.
I have an Inspire 2 with the X5S and X4S for different purposes, does anyone use either of the systems and If so what is the compatibility with the software like to use? I am looking further down the line at investing in a thermal imaging unit and am also looking for some feedback and advice. I would be interested to speak to anyone who may have some sound advice on how to market services to the industry in the UK owing to it being so fresh over here.
I think we have greater restrictions from the CAA than the FAA with regard to regulations so anything requiring distances over 500 metres and heights of in excess of 400 feet Will require individual dispensation Applications on a case-by-case basis.
Owing to the fact that most agricultural surveying is rural i believe this will make exemptions a little easier as the risk to the general public is considerably reduced so will be a more viable consideration for the clients. I just want to make sure i cover all bases before i take the leap into this new field. (please excuse the pun!!)