Inspire 2 and Android latest update

I have updated to the latest version of Adnroid DD app and was happy to see that there is now support for the Inspire 2. There was no problem with the connection to the drone or doing a plan. The issue was when I tried to fly. The app needed the RC in F Mode to upload the plan.

Perhaps I am missing something very obvious, but there is no longer an F mode on the I2. There is P. S. and A. Is there a workaround for the F mode requirement? I tried toggling between the different modes but without any luck. I have the multiple flight mode selected in DJI GO4.

Any help or suggestions appreciated


We’ll take a look at this today and see if there is a probelm and update our message in the app for the Inspire 2.

The notes in the new app say there may be sporadic focus issues on the Mavic and P4P. Why? Does DD really expect people to roll the dice like that for the price they charge? I’ve been so hopeful to use DD and incorporate it into my business but there just seems to be so many bugs. I haven’t even uploaded any files yet because the first time I tried it my Mavic fell out of the air and I used up my first replacement with DJI care refresh. Now, I’ve been monitoring the forum waiting for a time when the work-a-round posts die down and there seems to be some reliability. In my FT job, I charge full price and my customers demand full performance. That doesn’t seem to be the case here. Rant over, thank you.

There should not be any issues relating to any of those drones that cause flight issues. If you want to avoid the focus issues you can use manual camera settings and it should work fine.