Inspire 1 with Sentera Double 4K AG Camera

I’m moving into my 2nd year of flying my Inspire 1 with the Sentera Double 4K camera. I’m hoping to improve on some of the short comings that I’ve found in the flight software of the Field Agent App.

  1. For the Inspire, Field Agent will only point the drone to face east and then fly the mission, no matter the path orientation, with the drone pointed east. This is highly inefficient for the Inspire if the mission is flown with the drone flying sideways. I’m fairly certain that DD will fly the mission with the camera facing forward along the flight path, can someone confirm this for me?

  2. When it comes to overlap settings, will DD write the settings from the mission planner to the SD card for the Double 4K camera to trigger the proper overlap, or does the SD card need to be edited before flight if changes are needed? Does anyone have a chart for overlaps that would correspond with the full mosaic, quick tile and spot flight settings that Field Agent suggests?

  3. Are there any nuances of flying DD with a Sentera Double 4K that I should be aware of? I’ve had previous experiences with DD using a Phantom 3 Pro a couple years ago.

After further thought on this subject, is the Double 4K camera setup only usable on the Phantom 4, since it still has the DJI camera mounted? Will DD not work with the gimballed Double 4K that takes the place of the X3 in the factory location? I’d really like clarification on this.

@Adam_Carp, any ideas?