Inspire 1 - very over exposed images

Hi, all.
(Inspire 1, X3 camera. Nvidia shield tablet. Latest DD and DJI software)
Today I successfully flew a small 20 acre / single battery mission. I set the camera settings on “auto” in DJIGo first, but the images from the flight came out extremely overexposed. I chose to not use my ND filter that I usually always use because I wanted to see how auto settings would work out. My assumption was that it would compensate with a fast shutter speed to compensate for the light and also help with fast capture and no blurry shots due to a slower shutter. It turns out that the images were shot at 1/125, clearly a bad choice made by the auto settings with this much light.
I’ll test the same flight tomorrow with the ND filter, but I still wondered if anyone had thoughts on this?
Thank you!

Hi there,

I highly recommended using Manual Settings vs. Automatic. Here is an article where one successful business owner using DroneDeploy shares his tricks for getting the best images possible.