inspire 1 pro with x5

A request for advice
I use the drone mainly for mapping. I care about the maximum resolution of photos. I used the phantom 3 until now. Often I had to fly low to have good resolution, which caused accidents. That’s why I want to change the drone. I can buy the S900 and attach to it the sony s7 camera (full frame) which I have. Or go to inspire 1 pro with x5. I know that photos from sony will have better resolution. However, inspire is much more mobile in the field. Can anyone advise me if flying S900 from sony is much more difficult? I mean autonomous flying and terrain mapping, with Phantom it is very easy, thanks to Pix4D.

You didn’t list the p4 pro in your options. But it would provide superior results and with the most convenience. And probably cheaper than an i1 with X5 unless you have one already.

  • 20 mp sensor
  • mechanical shutter
  • ~25 minutes flight time to ~20% remaining battery.