Inspire 1 Pro - v1.3.3 won't launch

Tried using DroneDeploy to run a small mission with my Inspire 1 Pro (X5 camera) running 1.04 yesterday. Using DroneDeploy 1.3.3 on a Samsung S2 Tab, I connected to the drone fine, passed all the checks, but never could get it to take off. After a minute or so of nothing happening, I tried to cancel the takeoff. This froze the app - couldn’t back out of it, couldn’t close the window. I had to force close the app in order to do anything.

As far as I know the 1.04 firmware that runs the Inspire 1 is the exact same as the Inspire 1 Pro. Does DroneDeploy support the Pro/X5 setup?

Hi @MBlacklin - it appears as though the 1.04 firmware doesn’t support the SDK yet. We haven’t tested out other combinations of firmware updates to see if we can get the X5 working yet - this is something we’ll be experimenting with in the next week or so.