Inspire 1 - "Max Flight Speed"

Hi there,

I flew a mission this morning and selected the maximum flight speed for the inspire 1 - the whole mission was flown at 8mph - which took me 3 times as longer then normal.

How is the speed regulated? I tried flying again, at half the speed settings, and it still flew at 8mph.

Is the speed linked to the camera shutter etc?


Hi @falconuav,

The speed is regulated if the shutter needs to be opened for longer. If the light level is low, the shutter time is increased which slows down the drone, so the images do not blur.

Setting the max speed in DroneDeploy tells the drone that it can fly up to a speed of x, if the settings and wind permit it to do so.

Strong winds can also factor into your drone flying in at a slower speed.