Inspection of powerline

Can we use drone deploy for generating maps of powerlines and use the generated map for the purpose of inspection of powerlines

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@Maviya_khan, welcome! As long as you get the right images and produce a good point cloud you can use the issues feature. I stress that you will need the right imagery and enough of it to produce a very good point cloud. it would probably be best to process in structure mode. Otherwise drone deploys processing and textured 3D model will not be useful. They have always had an issue with objects smaller than 3-4 inches in the textured 3D model.
In an alternative method if you recognize problems in the images you can put an issue pin on the 2D map which will show up in the 3D model. It may take a little bit of practice to get the specific image that you are looking for to populate depending upon where you put the pin on the map.