Indoor Ortho mosaic

Any fellow DDers with thoughts or exeperiences of using DD to create an indoor orthomosaic. I have a large hanger full of static exhibits and would like create a large orthomosaic of the contents. My current thoughts are, phantom 4 pro v2, course lock, fly agrid pattern taking an image every 2 secs. Any advances on that such as an autonomous flight plan app?


Very cool project, but I don’t think that’s going to be possible with DroneDeploy. First thing is that DD will require that the drone has acquired satellites, but there may be a way around that. How are you going to keep your compass calibrated indoors? It is required for course lock. Some people say GPS assist is also required, but I don’t think that’s the case.

You are talking about a horizontal map right? And not a vertical map of the walls?

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Thanks Michael. I have flown the hanger ‘freehand’ before and as the hanger roof and joists are wooden I get a GPS sats fix that fluctuates between 7 and 12. There is an app called walk plan. Has anyone had experience with it with this type of use?

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Yep horizontal not walls…