Increasing Roof Report accuracy

I’m planning a roof survey and I was going to use the 3D Precision House app before generating a Roof Report. I was wondering as the flight plan is less than five minutes capturing 62 images, would it be a good idea to carry out the flight again (and maybe again) using a different flight direction to add more images before processing with the hope of more accurate results?

I would run the mission and immediately after it is done take control and fly around using the FPV window to take manual images of specific features. Remember to not get too much background or the horizon. 3-4 images of each feature should be good.

Hi Michael
if say you did a flight over the property at an altitude of 20m with the camera pointing down at 90°, when you take control of the drone at the end of the mission to do the individual manual images of specific objects, is it important to keep the drone at 20m altitude to maintain the same distance from the object, or could you move in closer ton tyake the additional images?

You can move closer to or further away and change the elevation if you like. All of that is recorded in the exif data of the images and the algorithm takes that into account.

Apologies for the late reply Michael, and thanks for the input. I assumed that you needed to try and keep the distance from the subject constant (or as close as possible) for the entire survey. Will try it out on my next project.