Incorrect GPS data

My clients needs to put the .geotiff images onto a GIS (both stitched and single). However the GPS data places the map some 20 miles from the actual flight in the GIS! The .KML files works and finds its place on Google Earth OK. Also th .jpg images work on my Mac’s photos app where it locates them correctly on the global map. This suggests that the GPS is working fine on the Mavic but the actual Long / Lat held within the metadata are wrong… Any ideas anyone?

Hi @surreyvisuals,

Hmm, interesting! What GIS is your client using? Is both your firmware and hardware up-to-date?

Here are some support documents that could get you started in the right direction. The “What Affects My Accuracy” section of this How Accurate Is My Map? guide is where I recommend starting. And the geotagging section of this Troubleshooting for Map Engine guide may be relevant—does your data include all the GPS info in the EXIF data?

Hopefully this helps. Let us know!


Check which EPSG code you used at export.

Hi Gary
Thanks for the advice - yes I have re-submitted the file using a differnet EPSG code (27700 for the UK). Waiting to see if that works!