Incorrect EXIF Data in Latest DJI Firmware? anyone else seen this

Ever since Novembers Public Firmware, ive noticed before if I flew at 90m, the EXIF/ image details did say 90m, and then the drone deploy dashboard would show the photogallery at 270 feet. And then the DSM would make sense the colors that represented something low or high, etc, etc

but now all my mapping since november is not correct due to phantoms firmware. My question is, Do i go back? to old firmware? or is the dronedeploy app already been updated to only work with the last 2 firmwares.

On another note, does anyone know of a good easy to use tool that you can select many photos and then force it to change the altitude reading?

Im going to be doing some presentations/ online webinars and its going to be hard to explain when the civil engineer asks, why does the DSM model say -negative 50 feet, for example, etc etc. For example I just flew yesterday and i was flying at 300 feet, 100 meters, and the images are being tagged that i was at 13m, and its not dronedeploy fault that it reads it like that also.

This is the only post I could find that makes sense of whats going on, in the developers forum of DJI, where someone kinda understood and was reporting it to DJI staff…

I will revert to old firmware, im just waiting for someone from dronedeploy to answer my emails or here, if i should put the OLD firmware, SDK version, but dont know if its gonna mess up if my remote has updated as well, and batteries. kinda dont want to revert due to the stability for DJI GO and the features, but this altitude reading is messing me up. Pix4d allows me to highlight and manually tell it a new altitude before it processes. But for dronedeploy i need to find a way to edit the image properties, but it would suck to have to DO all of them ONE BY ONE.

Any Ideas?


Sorry you’re having trouble with this. We have been working on a fix so that you don’t need to adjust the altitude. That fix should be ready in the next week for users to use. In the meantime, if you message us for any map you have uploaded, we can fix this for you and it will run with the correct altitudes.



I use an Inspire 1 with and she flyes fine since.
do I have to update or will the FW be compatible backwards to this FW I am using now. Honestly I would not like to go up since I do not have any issues.
DD works fine and apart from the app dashboard which only shows the battery the app also is good and stable. still tells me though that it can not upload the pics on sight but that is also not a problem.

my alt and EXIF data seems ok. is there a way to check these? I am in Hungary.


If it is working well for you and you don’t want to upgrade your firmware then you should be fine to stay on We do recommend upgrading at some point in the near future because it should be more reliable with a newer firmware.

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As some of my last missions (even some done with the same pictures that I had previously uploaded and went fine) were failing, I have compared the EXIF GPS data that DJI is writing in the pictures.
Two pictures taken in the same place, both 50m AGL (over terrain)
1st picture - Firmware beta FW_V01.04.0005
---- GPS ----
GPS Version ID :
GPS Latitude Ref : North
GPS Latitude : 39 deg 37’ 44.82"
GPS Longitude Ref : West
GPS Longitude : 0 deg 16’ 27.05"
GPS Altitude Ref : Above Sea Level
GPS Altitude : 50 m

2nd picture - Firmware public FW_V01.05.0030
---- GPS ----
GPS Version ID :
GPS Latitude Ref : North
GPS Latitude : 39 deg 37’ 39.45"
GPS Longitude Ref : West
GPS Longitude : 0 deg 16’ 23.03"
GPS Altitude Ref : Below Sea Level
GPS Altitude : 57.169 m

Moreover, the NEW FIRMWARE EXIF adds the following data:
---- XMP-rdf ----
About : DJI Meta Data
---- XMP-xmp ----
Modify Date : 2014:10:13
Create Date : 2014:10:13
---- XMP-tiff ----
Make : DJI
Camera Model Name : FC300X
---- XMP-dc ----
Format : image/jpg
---- XMP-drone-dji ----
Absolute Altitude : -57.17
Relative Altitude : +49.90
Gimbal Roll Degree : +0.00
Gimbal Yaw Degree : -76.70
Gimbal Pitch Degree : -89.00
Flight Roll Degree : +10.20
Flight Yaw Degree : -78.50
Flight Pitch Degree : +3.50
---- XMP-crs ----
Version : 7.0
Has Settings : False
Has Crop : False
Already Applied : False

The location where images were taken is about 4m ASL (Above sea level) so the Absolute Altitude can never be negative (below sea level)

These are my findings


Thanks antonio, i know it wasnt dronedeploys fault, when i saw my own image detail properties. , i really dont know what they can do, dronedeploy, isnt this only in the hands of DJI? Dang this sucks. Hey did you right click a picture and get this from details tab? Or what program you used. It seems you have alot more info. Im wondering if there is a tool that allows highlighting many pictures, and modify the gps altitude.? I see a exiftool or something but it looks command line and i didnt have time to read it all. Im wondering if there is a gui program.

I have flown some projects that would be really hard to go back. Are you saying or thinking that it would just be a matter of reprocessing once you make your new algorithms on the cloud? before I go present the data some of the people who are interested in hiring me were really really liking the DSM, Ive been offering free flights to hook em, for future work but when they ask me what does the colors represent, im screwed.

This was 100 meters,300 feet

And pretty much all the flights after november 25th, my account theres about 8 or 10, but i didnt notate the heights manually,since i was thinking Gallery view would had reminded me. . Some were 210feet , 280 feet. Greenpoint and summer estates was i believe 150 thru 250. harlonPark 280feet, Thanks Chase,

I’ve been using EXIFTool

With these parameters exiftool(-k -a -u -g1 -w txt).exe you get all the info in a txt file

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