Inconsistent flight speeds

Hi @SolarBarn,

The DroneDeploy app version 2.61.0 is now available for all on Android and iOS.

@HawkEye_Imaging and @AvochAndy,

Thanks for sharing additional info. I’ve escalated the details of your issues to my team for investigation. I’ll report back once I have more info to share.


I have seen the same slow-down behavior, but never an increase in speed. Do you have the ability to try everything with another 3 Standard? It might just be an incompatibility with the systems and the DD function.

Hi all,

If you are experiencing an issue with inconsistent flight speeds, can you please update your DroneDeploy app to version 2.63 either in the Google Play Store or App Store and let me know if you still experience this issue after the update?

Keep me posted,