Inconsistant Drone Speed

I am using a phantom 4 Pro running firmware 1.05.0600 and using Drone Deploy on iphone X .

From Past few flights, my drone does not travel not more than 2-3m/s after reaching the flying altitude.

The speed during photo capture varies from 5-3m/s though the average is around 10m/s.

When i am flying my drone in the same are using DJI Go App I am able to achieve a consistent speed.

kindly reply with the fix for the same ASAP.

Thanks in Advance


Pavan Vyas

Hello @Pavanrbetta, thanks for reaching out. We set the Maximum speed in the sense that the drone will be limited on how fast it will be able to fly. The speed is not consistent due to many factors such as overlap percentage, corners, lengths of legs and more. Thanks!

i understand that the sped is depended on many factors.

how can it be the same in all flights ?
and also how is that the speed of the drone suddenly drop suddenly from 10m/s to 2-3m/s for a small time and again increase to 10m/s

pavan vyas

So you are saying that in the middle of a long straight leg that the speed of the drone is changing? What is your front lap set at?


Yes in the middle of the flight the speeds changing.

Front overlap is 75% and side is 65%

For like 5-10 flights it happened the same way .

That is strange. I have seen bucking in mine when I get GPS interference, but never a gradual slowdown then speeding back up.


I am still wondering as when i use the same drone for photogrammetry mission using other software’s like GS Pro . The drone travels at a consistent speed.

Hope to get solution for this problem

Pavan Vyas

To help break this down.

The speed during your waypoint mission is set in the flight plan to the Maximum speed allowed. Your drone will follow the speed of its flight in the sense it will not go above the set maximum flight speed. The drone may be slow down due to corners.

The speed in which your drone will travel to its first waypoint is entirely dependent on the DJI SDK and DroneDeploy does not control this. This may be slow or fast.

The speed in which your drone returns to home always follows the speed set during the flight path.

I hope this clears some confusions up. Not sure why your drone will change speeds during a leg of its flight path. Please do reach out if you run into this issue again or if anyone else reporting this.


Hi Yusuf

Thanks for the reply .

Is there any possibile ways of analysing the flight logs generated during the mission ?