Incomplete mission while switching drone battery

Hi, I’m a new user.
I’m working with version
In the battery exchange the mission does not continue from where it stopped.
the missions are getting incomplete

I work with phanton 4 pro

all firmware updates
thanks for listening

Hi @alfredobn,

Can you share some more information about your issue?

  1. What is the make and model of your mobile device?
  2. How often does this issue occur?
  3. Did you reboot your drone, remote control, and mobile device?
  4. Does this issue occur with different flight plans?

We’ll start with these.

I would suggest turning off the app and turning it back on when you change the battery. I have virtually always had it come back on with Continue with my P4P.

So it’s not going back to the last waypoint that it passed before RTH? Gary has a good idea, but he and I regularly recommended to manually prompt the RTH immediately after a waypoint has been passed when the battery gets to low instead of relying on the software to do it. I have had zero issue with our P4P.