Incomplete Map in snow

I did a stream survey on a small section of land the other day and flew it with DD after the survey. When I uploaded my images this morning only 1/4 - 1/3 of the images came in on the map. I know it isn’t an overlap/stitching issue because I was able to use ICE to get a complete map of the area, but ICE strips all GPS data. I want to be able to import to GIS to add some extra data to the image, and DD has worked well for that in the past. What gives, DD? They are not oblique. They are not vignetting. I haven’t done any mapping with snow yet, so does DD have issues with snow? There are lots of trees, roads, houses, the creek, tire tracks, etc. that make stitching possible, so it’s not just a white expanse.

Hi @robbanks,

Can you share a few details?

  1. Name of your map
  2. The email address associated with your DroneDeploy account


The name is Cedar Springs Map, affiliated with account. I hope we can figure this out, I’m mostly baffled why it didn’t work.

Hello @robbanks thanks for reaching out. The reason why this map failed to process os due to many reasons. 1) too little overlap in the sense there is not enough overlapping images/surface area. I would bump your overlap values to 80/80 if flying with our app. 2) the snow is confusing the algorithm due to white balance and overexposure. I would try to bring those white downs. Just a couple of suggestions.


Feel free to message me if you would like me to run your images to see how they come out.