In the middle of nowhere

I’m now in my desk planning a flight several kilometers far away. I find the place in DD map, press New Flight and… i turns me to the area where I am located now.
It is very disappointing.
I already asked some months ago to start a new path where the map is placed instead of present location.
It is always the option to Search or start the path from user location, it is set when the app starts.
Thank you


I’d like to see this, whenever I start a plan, I have to drag the icon fortyish miles. It would be nice if we could just click on the map where we are viewing to start a plan.

You can’t currently start it where the map is placed. You need to search, then adjust.
If you need a workaround, make your browser think it’s in the location you want by typing in the latitude and longitude as explained here:

Doesn’t sound like a very tidy workaround Chase, I think I’ll stick to dragging for now. :slight_smile:

Agreed, this is pretty annoying and it’s almost always the case that I set the job up on my PC, not at the project location.

Agreed Chase, this is a major issue. I am resizing maps and dragging them 60 miles away and then resizing them back down. A real pain. I have seen the “plan here” button that sometimes shows up in the map view but I couldn’t get it to work reliably or in any time i was planning maps. (I just planned out 9 locations and never saw the “plan here”) So it looks like someone maybe tried doing something???

Hello guys, hope you are doing fine. I have the same problem, but I have solved it by using googleearth for making the flight plans, then importing it to DD. Hope this help. Carlos.