In the field high speed photo upload

I’m looking into high speed picture upload to DroneDeploy or maybe just Google GDrive from out in the field, away from my home internet. I have a personal Verizon phone with a data plan (I don’t know the data upload rate) but I’m interested in something higher speed and probably professional. Cost is not really an issue at the moment. I just don’t know even what to ask about or whom to ask. Any suggestions?
Dave P

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Welcome Dave! Check out my comment about GnarBox in this post.

What is the purpose of the upload? To automatically start processing? Or just to back up the data? GnarBox is the solution you want for live backups.

Thanks for the reply. Any photos really. Maybe video. A very generic request for uploading a large amount of data from the field in a time critical manner. Maybe to DroneDeploy for processing but maybe to Google Drive or the cloud somewhere.
To be specific I’m putting some thoughts together for Civil Air Patrol. Maybe just get photos/videos in front of peoples eyes looking for a lost person or plane or damage to a dam or bridge, etc.

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Thanks for the detail on your use-case. My first thought would be the OneDrive integration in DroneDeploy but this is more along the lines of a field upload to DroneDeploy, performing the processing and then sync’ing the exports to the OneDrive. You can do similar with Google Drive and Dropbox but I haven’t personally used them so I don’t know the exact features. Maybe this link can guide you to more info.✓&query=integrations

Thanks. I briefly looked at that but will look in more detail later.

Right now the only internet that I have in the field is my iPhone with a generic data plan. I think it is wholly inadequate in uploading a huge number of pictures or videos. Plus I may be out of cell tower reach? So I’m really looking for some super in the field internet connection. Something professional. Something probably not cheap. Something satellite perhaps? Does this exist?

Thanks again to all

I think something like the GnarBox would work well. You can immediately backup the data and either have it sync to a source when it gets in range or just hand it off to someone to go upload while you stay in the field flying. I think this is an important thing to cover that will probably solve similar problems for many others so please keep us updated!

Ah. GnarBox Is for backup. Let be be clear. I want to get the photos online somewhere to start to analyze the photos one by one. This is potentially a time critical function. There may be a team of people looking at the photos looking for something, someone, who knows what. This team is not in the field. That may be anywhere or scattered about the world.
Again, thanks for the great responses.

Bottom line. I want/need a high speed internet connection in the field. Cost is not an issue. Not yet anyway. :grin:

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Oh. I see you meant, put pictures on GnarBox and physically drive to some internet location. Maybe, but I’d like to get the pictures/videos uploaded relatively quickly and in one step. If possible….

Starlink might be an option.

If you are within a distance of internet access that is acceptable that allows you to complete the process faster than really slow internet I would think it’s beneficial. Just thinking of ways to protect the data and provide the most efficient path from no/slow internet to uploading. I guess you could do the same just transporting the mSD card but we all know how much fun it is dealing with mSD’s and you have no backup.

Yes! StarLink! I heard of it but forgot about it. That is what I’m looking for. At least a starting point. Maybe CAP has something or the USAF. Now I can start asking questions towards them now that I can say “something like STARLink”. Thanks!

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If you’re having issues with an internet connection, I’d recommend thinking about getting an amplifier.

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