In Model 3D view I cant rotate model unless use advance

When I am viewing the model in 3D view, (no wire frame) I cannot rotate the model in XYZ directions with movements of the mouse and the ctrl key (MAC). The model just tilts. I can tilt along a verticle axis or the horizontal axis but I cannot rotate to see the opposite side. If I click the Show Advance Rotation box, then I see a 3-axis overlay and I can select an axis and then rotate the model using that little 3-axis graphic overlay.

If I export the model, to SketchFab, that no rotate characteristic seems to come along and the user cannot rotate the model.

I created a previous model and I could 3-axis rotate/tilt but I do not know what the setting was that created that trait.

How do I obtain the 3-axis rotation with mouse only without turning on the Show Advance Rotation Option?

Hey Mac. 3D navigation is definitely not intuitive considering many programs operate differently and for some reason the drone industry decided to be different, and sometimes backward from the design industries like engineering and CAD.

Left mouse button = 3D rotation
Wheel click = Established POI zoom
Right click = Pan
Doubleclick = Lower zoom to point

Thank you. I am on a MAC… No wheel, etc.

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All OK now for some reason…

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Ohhhh. I assume there are wheeled mice for Macs? It would be a good idea in a 3D environment. A lot of people that do 3D design use devices like a trackball or puck which allows for much finer control.

Actually the Magic Mouse simulates a wheel with a finger drag on the case case so XYZ is all in one motion set.

Right but what about a wheel click? You can still zoom normally but the wheel click and move the mouse forward or back is much easier to zoom in and out of large scenes.