In air app crash recovery

Using V1 of the app, I had an in-air app crash (no idea if it was due to my phone, android, or the app). Unfortunately I was partially into battery-hungry a job I really wanted to try and finish on the current battery.

It didn’t seem that drone deploy could connect back to the drone while it was flying, nor could DJI go (without interrupting the flight). At this point, I largely wanted to have a battery indicator signal so that I could trigger a return to home, if needed.

Unfortunately, when the app crashes mid-flight: 1)It can’t reconnect mid-flight to allow any sort of monitoring. 2) there is no option to continue, as the app wasn’t aware of the mission as having happened.
If these two could be somehow addressed, it would allow some salvaging.

Of course, having the app not crash would be ideal - but as I had been using that version for quite a while with no problems, I’m not sure the crash was due to the app, rather than other phone/android issue.


Additionally, when I used a spare tablet (NVIDIA shield, current android) with the same dronedeploy version on it (hadn’t run DD from this device before), it too experienced a problem part-way into the mission. The large portion of the screen went blank, with the normally-left-hand bar being pushed all the way to the right side of the screen. In the past, this happened when I turned the DJI Inspire 1 off while DD was still running on the connected device.

I also experienced these freezes/crashes of the app.
So sad, so lonely while the bird flies alone …
Seems the newest versions of DD have less crash but would be interesting DD would be able to reconnect quickly and even is the bird is flying …

Definitely want to improve reconnection after relaunching the app. This will be part of the stability improvements now that we’ve got the new UI out.

Fortunately my last test with V2.0 had no issue. All perfect, connection, fly, stability of the app, all images taken, good job !