Improve UX for reviewing time series

I’m a User that generates a set of collections over a given area in a time series. There are a few things keeping me from being able to exploit my data efficiently:

  1. Map defaults to zooming to full extent when changing layers - this is an impactful issue because at the fine scale of these drone collects, if you find something interesting and want to cross reference in a different image, you’re going to spend unnecessary time trying to find it again and again. Sure you could put a placemarker down, but it really should be as fast as just flipping through the dates.

  2. The Archive List of dates that is available in the drop down is indexed in chronological order from top to bottom, exclusive of the current image. If I have one image per month, and I’m looking at October, the next image down the list will be from January. This is inconvenient because the User must spend mental effort deciding that they need to scroll down to the end of that list to get to the ‘next’ logical step back, and on top of that, the UI dropdown only shows 5 images at a time, so the Users has to make a mental calculation and then go scroll.

When you put these two together, it’s a pretty difficult process to leverage stacks of imagery.