Improve processing time for Search & Rescue use case

I’m currently on the trial version of DroneDeploy and just amazed by the technology the DroneDeploy team has put together! Amazing work! Clearly this has huge potential for search & rescue teams on the ground, but I think a limiting factor is processing time to get results back. The trial maps I’ve made can take up to 7 hour, and in the use case of search and rescue this is a long time. If you could identify submitted jobs as higher priority search and rescue job then apply the correct AWS compute resources against the job to shrink processing time. Clearly this is the perfect use case with DroneDeploy and AWS compute. Offer this special tiered service to Police/Fire departments etc. In doing so I think DroneDeploy could play a huge role in life saving in the field if you can drastically shrink processing time once the images get into the AWS cloud. Is this something the team has already explored or put in their Jira backlog? :smile:

hi @depp , thanks for the feedback! At this point, we have differentiated processing speed by pricing tier, but the use case you’ve described is something we would consider working towards. We see our product as something that can change a lot of current inefficiencies, but if it actually saves someone, that would be incredible :blush:

We’re working to improve speed of processing overall, and I’ll make a note to get in touch with you when we are researching Search and Rescue applications.



I’ve flown a couple of search and rescue missions and just provided the photos taken immediately after the flight w/o putting together a map at the time in the interest of getting the viewable shots to the search teams as quickly as possible. I would be interested in any search and rescue apps you might develop.

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