Importing LAS / LAZ Point Cloud files into DroneDeploy

We currently have a Matrice 600 Pro with LiDAR USA Revolution 180 and Sony A6000. After flying with GS PRO we would like to be able to import our LAS files to DroneDeploy to process our Point Clouds. We are a Enterprise client. I was told by DD this is not yet possible.

I am processing Lidar scans of buildings in Rhino with quick, interesting results. If you send me a link to your data, I could try to see if something interesting can be done with your scans in Rhino.

Do you have details on how the scans are done: rows x columns like lawn mower pattern? How many rows, columns? Are points colored? Is e57 format for scans available? Or XYZ with colors?


You can create a DEM from lidar in QGIS. You can then import that shapefile into DroneDeploy.