Import Orthomosaic Maps

Allow the ability to import orthomosaics as an additional map to explore and compare to the maps processed in DD. Currently you can import a CAD overlay such as PNG but the system attempts to identify and erase the background of the drawing. Allow a geotagged orthomosaic to be imported in the same way but unaltered and if not geotagged allow manual alignment but without attempting to convert certain colors in the image to a transparent background.

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I believe this is possible? Overlay…

Consultant, this is already implemented. When viewing a project in a folder with multiple maps you can compare the two maps to one another.


Or is this what you mean? The link to “Upload your GeoTIFF here.”

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Yes, that works as long as it’s geotagged. I mistakenly mentioned uploading geotagged files. What I was looking for is the ability to upload a non-geotagged file, manually align it with an existing map, and use the compare feature to compare between the two. Not possible.

An non-georeferenced orthomosaic? I would doubt that it would be very accurate or line up unless it was exported from a georeferenced map. I have tried Microsoft ICE and while it stitches well it produces a product as you are mentioning and it is increasingly garbage as site get larger.