Import OBJ to Maxon Cinema 4D


I tried to import the dronedeploy .OBJ file to Maxon Cinema 4D.
The mesh looks perfect, but all textures get messed up.
Could you tell me which import settings will lead to sucessful texture

the mesh seems to be at least two times too detailled in comparison to the textures.
Is there a possibility to reduce the amount of polygons prior to processing by settings?


Sorry that didn’t work out.

You might need to take the data into another program to decimate. I think Blender can do that, but others on the forum can likely help.

Let us know what solves this for you.

At this point I am in contact with Maxon Support to solve this. I guess it is a problem within C4D due to big amount of data or too complex texture…
Help! I am in a hurry with this project. Is there anybody who could convert it to correctly textured FBX, 3DS or sth. alike for me?

Okay, Maxon is not able to reproduce my problem. I get no failure message, but maybe there is not enough memory.
I fixed it by loading the DD .OBJ file into meshlab and then save it to another OBJ file or whatever format you need. You can reduce mesh complexity on the fly as a bonus. No hassle with textures anymore! Very helpful tool!