Imaging Peanut Fields

I am planning the start-up of a drone imagery service in the great State of Alabama! I have already done a couple of fields pro-bono. We have a lot of peanuts down here, and I’m trying to get smarter on the growth aspects. Does anyone know when the best time is at the beginning of the season to image a peanut field.

Hello @Skyguy8068,

As far from a technical perspective, you would want to map your field with lots of available light with no hard shadows. Flying between the hours of 10-2pm well give you no hard shadows due to the sun being at its highest point at this time. As far as when in relation to your actual crops, that is up to you and your personal choice as to when your crops are best fit to be captured for mapping purposes.


Understand the technical aspects, but was more interested in when during the growth cycle of the peanuts is most recommended for imaging.

I find that bright, fully cloudy days produce the best images with little shadow or overexposed light.

How long do they take to grow? Google says at 4-5 months? I would think every 3 to 4 weeks would work accordingly to that unless that have spurts of growth…

*Disclaimer - I know nothing about growing peanuts. :grin:

You might ask on this Facebook site.