Images with invalid GPS data

I’m having an issue when uploading images - DD states some images have invalid GPS data and will not load them. On my last map this affected 72 of 197 images. Using an Inspire 1 Pro. Anyone else have this problem or know what is causing it?

I have had that issue in the past but eliminated most of that by calibrating the Inspire before each and every flight. Not sure what your procedure is concerning calibration but if you don’t calibrate before each flight, try that and see if that helps. Dale

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Thanks Dale, I’ll try that and see if it makes a difference. I usually check the Mod values and if they’re consistent with what I normally see then I don’t do a compass calibration every time.

@LakeshoreDrones this could also be due to the way the dataset was imported- we’ve heard from some customers that importing from iPhoto on Mac, for example, will not store the GPS data, but importing from Pictures works fine.

Thanks Neema, I think this is what happened. I had a series of photos that were underexposed. I edited them in iPhoto on my Mac prior to importing. I assume it dropped some of the GPS data when saving the affected photos after the edit. I’ve always imported from iPhoto with no issues, but this was the first time I edited some of the photos prior to importing.

Gotcha- good to be cautious when editing (in iPhoto, Lightroom, etc), because it can distort the data within the images. Thanks for the follow up.