Image viewing in ArcMap

Is anyone experiencing a black background using ArcMap with their exported images from Drone Deploy? Just recently (last six weeks or less) I started getting a black background around my images - please see attachment. THANK YOU in advance for any feedback! IMG_4840

Is this after it is exported out of ArcMap or what you see onscreen after importing the DroneDeploy geotiff?

After importing the geotiff from DroneDeploy into ArcMap. The black background does not show up in DroneDeploy. Just started happening. Haven’t changed any settings in DroneDeploy or ArcMap. THANK YOU for responding and looking into.

It could possibly be a change in the way they are being exported, but I have seen a similar behavior for a while now where some photo programs give a black background, but when I open a geotiff in Bluebeam it is transparent (white). I know many programs use black as the default background color, but if you don’t know of any changes I would suspect the export from DroneDeploy. Can you share one of your downloads? I would like to try opening it in a couple different ways to see what I get.

That would be great. I’ll email you this evening when I get in. Thanks again!

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This seems to work with removing a background to a geotiff in ArcMap:


  • Right click on the geotiff
  • Click on “Properties”
  • Click on the “Symbology” tab
  • Check the box "Display Background Value:(R,G,B)
  • Click “OK”

This removed the background. It looks like this will have to be done for each new geotiff imported from DroneDeploy, but once saved will not have to do again for that geotiff.

Thanks again for responding to my post!

Thanks for sharing @lee . I’m glad you figured it out!