Image viewing in ArcMap/QGIS

We are seeing a difference in the image quality when viewing an exported GeoTiff in ArcMap or QGIS. There are missing pixels in darker areas, but those areas appear fine when viewing in a standard image viewer or when looking at the imagery in DroneDeploy. The below link shows the image in ArcMap.

I’m hoping there are some settings I can change to optimize the display in the GIS software. Does anyone have any recommendations?

I am having the same issue but to a much larger extent. The images look awful in qgis but look totally fine in the image viewer. Would very much like a solution to this also

A link to a screenshot I took here

I solved my issue by unchecking the “No Data Value: 0” option in the transparency options.
As seen here (

I’m sorry, I’ve looked for the transparency options and can’t find them. Where are they please?

When you right click the layer in the table of contents, click “Properties”. That should bring up the layer properties. Then along the left hand side of the layer properties you should see a “Transparency” tab. Looks like this: (